Hongkong: AWE-Messe 2012 - and more…

With the faboulos fair train to the fair grounds.

Fully automatic.

Or you take a taxi.

Rainy days in Hongkong.

Grey tristesse, but it is Asia, always exciting.

Ist really srange, how green Hongkong can be.

The German booth.

Supported by the Ministry of Economics.

... and many others.

The German companies, more than 90 % from Idar-Oberstein

The dragon dance: Luck and " Have a good show".

Everybody likes that.

There they go, our little dragons.

Inside the AWE Fair.

Customers and security.

Seminars, conferences and more.

Each of these yellow diamonds is worth a house.

Putity, diamonds and more.

Ads für colored stones.

Asia World Expo, Top 3 or Top 1 ?

My little gem booth.

Stars, rare stars and rarest gems wuith a star.

Star rubies, star sapphire and star quartzes.

A handful of … gems, nice nails!

The Boss, the man in black

The book and the funny neighbors.

Advertisement Hongkong.

Nice Benz, hopefully see ya at the fair ?

2012 - The year of the Dragon".

Nice hotel, Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Where is floor No. 13 ?

Very nice Hngkong.

Very real Hongkong.

A dream, this carving.

A bigger dream, this jadeite necklace.

Old hobbies: matial ert.

Impressive figurines.

After the show ...

See ya in 2013, hopefully!

Airbus A380 … with airline Emirates.

Cool plane, HKG to BKK.

My playlist: It is only rock´n roll but I ….

Leaving Las … was it BKK Airport or still Hongkong ?

Modern Art - or "The art of loving and living".

Fotos: © Copyright Martin P. Steinbach


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Origin of the Stars
Origin of the Stars,
painted by Andree Roth and Jörg Thomas.
From my book: ASTERISM, Gems with a Star, page 838, Original painting in the collection MPS.