Our Hongkong Gem Fair, the 2013 Experience

One of these super bridges, coming from the airport.

My most favourite mini beach.

Part of the harbour, very cool.

Part of the harbour, very cool..

Living …. or what is that ?

This is not america, …..Hongkong (D.B.)

"Ther shall be space for something new"

Lets go shopping.

On the way to our AWE fair.

Little China girl (David Bowie).

Bigger and beautiful Steinbach stars

Looking (and smiling) for adventure.

The Star Man …. oh, its me.

Gübelin´s Dr. Lore Kiefert holding her Burma lecture.

Ruby and sapphire sources in Burma

GRS´s Dr. A. Peretti with his Burma lecture, incidentally ?

Yes, Stars and science.

With 3-D glasses, the cool Peretti stuff.

In the arms of good ol´ Allan Ho.

Hongkong´s ocean.

More deep, secret waters …

Cool Boat(s) …

The famous ferry to Wanchai.

Still impressing, even after 25 years.

All along the watchtower (Jimi Hendrix).

Fotos: © Copyright Martin P. Steinbach


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Origin of the Stars
Origin of the Stars,
painted by Andree Roth and Jörg Thomas.
From my book: ASTERISM, Gems with a Star, page 838, Original painting in the collection MPS.