Biggest Star Ekanite in the world

Found and cut in Sri Lanka about 1985.
Published in "Gemmologie Aktuell" 3/90 DGemG/Idar-Oberstein
and winter issue 1999 of "Gems & Gemology" (GIA*/USA)

Martin P. Steinbach Sammlung/ MPS-Collection

Very rare double stars and 12-rayed stars

Very rare double stars gems

Very rare stones, with double stars and 12-rayed stars.

Stars, conserved inside crystals for the eternity, born deep inside the earth, now sold from us to be your unique star-gem - there is no one like yours.

The biggest hauynite roughstone in the world

This rock is covered with numerous crystals of hauynite of small and medium sizes. The big question is: is the 5-carat gem inside which the whole world is looking for?

the information of the Eifel-collecters and the Mineral Museum in Bonn, Poppelsdorfer Schloss, is that this rock is the biggest “Auswürfling”, found in the German Eifel District. Absolutely museum quality and this rock is in this size the biggest piece ever found. Special price for museums and educational institutions.

weight: 41,1 kg
orign: Mendig/Rheinland-Pfalz
Special price: 5.950,00 €

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Origin of the Stars
Origin of the Stars,
painted by Andree Roth and Jörg Thomas.
From my book: ASTERISM, Gems with a Star, page 838, Original painting in the collection MPS.