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The Steinbach - Gems with A star company, is one of the leading companies in the area of the fascinating gemstones with a star (asteriated gems, star-stones).

Herr Steinbach is specialist for gems with asterism of any kind, especially star sapphires and star rubies. Also supplying burmese sapphire cabochons and burmese jadeites.

We are always interested in buying rare or unusual gems with A star

Examples of stargems

Lets see some examples of the rare stones with a star, created by nature:

Click here for a bigger tour through the galery.

Click here for a bigger tour through the galery.

New Artificially Asteriated Gemstones


Participating at the GIA Symposium 2011 in Carlsbad/USA

[PDF 12MB] Text of presentation:New Artificially Asteriated Gemstones

International Poster Competition in 2007

Participating at the ICA ((International Colored Gemstone Association) – International Poster Competition in 2007

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Origin of the Stars
Origin of the Stars,
painted by Andree Roth and Jörg Thomas.
From my book: ASTERISM, Gems with a Star, page 838, Original painting in the collection MPS.