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Black Star Sapphires

big stock in black stars sapphires.
Origin: the Ban Kha Cha area near Chantaburi in the Sout-East of Thailand, near the Cambodian border.
size: 1 carat to appr. 50 carats
model: round, oval, marquise, fancy and pearshape

price: 4 €/ct /small stones ) to about 40 €/ct.

The gems on the above photo move around 15 - 25 €/carat.
We are also offering black star sapphires in calibrated sizes, especially for the jewelery industry. The sizes: 6x4, 7x5, 8x6, 9x7 and 10x8 mm n I. and II. Quality.
Starting 2008 also calibrated sizes in round! The rare and fine variety of the black star sapphire is the golden starsapphires. Around 100 times rarer as the blackies, the sapphire shows a GOLDEN star. Mostly only in sizes of 2 – 5 carats available, over 10 carats considered to be very rare, our stock is going until 20 carats, only a few pieces left.

price: appr. 40 - 100 €/Carat.

As a extremely special offer, we carry black and golden starsapphires with a 12-rayed star! Colorlines in calibrated sizes as 6x4, 7x5 and 8x6 mm in all-shades-of-color-stars are being offered too.

Set of black Star Sapphires

set: 46 Stones
weight: 145 carat
specifics: black star sapphires from Thailand

price: 1299 €

Star Quartz

very fine star-quartz with very sharp stars from Brasil.
Very flat, recut in Idar-Oberstein.

origin: Brasil

price: 3 - 6 €/ct

Star Rose Quartz

Fascinating rose quartz

Fascinating rose quartz with a star inside.

Anyone who loves the color of this crystals and feel the fascination to the star inside, will never imagine a rose quartz without a star in the future.

Star Rose Quartz

This is a beautiful starrosequarz-sphere in an unusual fine colour; a bit violetish with an extraordinary transparency, just having one inclusions like a disc, but not influencing the star.

origin: Madagaskar
diameter: 48 mm

price: 450 €

Star Rose Quartz

Absolutely clean, no minor inclusions, very sharp pink and intense star.
In this very fine quality extremely rare!


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Star Rose Quartz

Very strong Asterism! Absolutely fine pink color!
This Photo shows the asterism with one light source. A very impressing gem.

origin: Madagaskar
diameter: 54mm

price: 600 €

Star Rose Quartz

color: pink
weight: 11.000 carat (2,2 kg)
diameter: 105 mm
origin: Madagaskar

specifics: natural inclusions

price: 1495 €

Star Rose Quartz

We offer some very fine starrosequartz-spheres.
from app. 150 € to 900 €

sapphire und Rubin

sapphire und Rubin

Bright Colors, only love can be deeper. Sparkling stones, from deep in the earth, millions of years waiting to be worn by your beloved.

Star sapphire

Very interesting starsapphire from Mogok in Burma. One of my favorites in my Design by nature ™ collection. The star is exactely possible to center in the eye of the beautiful hexagonal colour banding. Rare, Unique !

weight: ca. 11,56 carat
origin: Mogok in Burma

price: 50 €/ct (SOLD)

Sapphire carving

Fine, sky blue sapphire cabochon from Mogok in Burma. The sapphire is all natural, no artificial colours added and untreated A carving in sapphire in this size is rare. A single piece of beauty

motive: “ Amor & Psyche“
weight: 113 carat
origin: Mogok in Burma

specifics: master carver from Idar-Oberstein

price: 725 €


Not colored, treated or manipulated in any other way.

color: blue as the sky
weight: 200 carat
length: 42 mm
width: 39 mm
height: 10 mm

price: 2.50 €/ct


Not colored, treated or manipulated in any other way.

color: blue
weight: 190 carat
length: 50 mm
width: 32 mm
height: 9,2 mm

price: 2 €/ct

Trapiche Sapphires: "the fixed star in gemstones""

Very nice cut trapiche sapphires in a fine medium to dark blue color.
he limited quantity available in the market in Bangkok is sold for about 100-300 $/Carat.Only a few pieces in stock. A extremely interesting collector stone and very beautiful in jewelery.

color: blue
origin: Moguk in Burma

price: 30 €/ct to 120 €/ct

Trapiche Saphires

Trapiche Sapphires: the fixed Star in gemstones. We have quite a good stock in these gems in many different sizes and qualities. An interesting collector stone and suitable also for individual design jewelery.

color: grey
origin: Mogok in Burma

price: 10 €/ct to 40 €/ct

Jadeites from Burma

A small collection of jadeites from Burma in different colors.
The very best and most expensive Jadeite in the world. No Nephrite, which is occuring in masses. The so called “ Imperial Jade “ is only coming from Burma and can be much more expensive than very fine diamonds.

origin: Hapakan in Nord-Burma

price: 20 € to 100 € per piece

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Origin of the Stars
Origin of the Stars,
painted by Andree Roth and Jörg Thomas.
From my book: ASTERISM, Gems with a Star, page 838, Original painting in the collection MPS.