Rough material and crystals

Goldsmiths and Wholesaler please ask for special discount!

In roughstones, we are trading in:

  • fine jadeites from Burma, sometimes with a polished „window“, in different colors, also Lavander/Mauve – color
  • rough sapphires and rubies from Burma, Thailand, India and Africa
  • rough star-sapphires from Thailand, small to museums-qualities
  • ine prismatic sapphire – crystals from Burma in several colours with a polished top, where you can see a strong star sometimes
  • dark blue trapiche sapphires from Burma, rough and rare !! biggest stock in Germany
  • red trapiche-rubies from Burma, rough, polished and cabs
  • fine red spinels from Burma, from mini-Oktaedron, clean and red, to 2 Museums-crystals in red and pink
  • Hauynites from the Eifel-District in Germany, in Matrix, MM to 500 gramm pieces, blue crystals in matrix
  • Sanidine from the Eifel, rough

Special offer

Trapiche-ruby from Mogok/Myanmar. We are offering a big choice from these new and rare stones. In the last 5 years there have been quite a number of publications about these "star"-rubys. This crystals resemble in their structure closely to the columbian trapiche-emeralds. We offer cut and polished crystals but also unworked rough stones

price: 20€ to 60€/piece

Jadeite from Myanmar in a vast choice of colors and types, also lavender colored and chloromelanite (Maw-Sit-Sit), too. In the fist sized rough gemstones a "window" has been cut, to be able to estimate the inner value of the specimen. Our jadeites are rare and special collector pieces and fully cutable. Also we are offering beads strands from fine jadeite.

Jadeite Jade rough stones from Burma (Myanmar)

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fine jadeites : available in our eBay store (click).

fine jadeites : available in our eBay store (click).

The boss, the "early years"
…Do ya think, I am s…?

Searching – with tweezers - for peridots (olivines), the „Hawaiian diamonds“, at the Diamond Head landmark along the Honolulu skyline, in Oahu, Hawaii, appr. 1990.

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Origin of the Stars
Origin of the Stars,
painted by Andree Roth and Jörg Thomas.
From my book: ASTERISM, Gems with a Star, page 838, Original painting in the collection MPS.